What is Tablecloth?

It's in the name. Watch to learn more.

How We Work

We have the tools. We have the talent. You have the mission. You have the data. Let's connect.

  • Create simple tools to capture and measure impact
  • Standardize metrics and demonstrate ROI
  • Provide a way to tell your impact story
  • Contextualize your work in your community and issue area
  • Amplify messages and build movements
  • Connect organizations to a community of socially active individuals

Tablecloth for the Social Sector

Tablecloth helps nonprofits and social enterprises measure the difference they make and amplify their message. Using simple tools, understandable analytics, and good storytelling, you can be more impactful.

Improve Practice

If you don’t know what you did, how can you learn and get better?

Strengthen Partnerships

Aiming towards the same goal and knowing your roles makes working together a lot easier.

Plan For The Future

Do you have accurate information on which to make a 3- or 5-year plan?

Accountability to Funders

Those grant reports don’t write themselves. . .or maybe they practically could.

Increase Public Trust

Prove the impact that you are making, not just whether you can fill out forms.

Improve Understanding of Community Needs

Do you know where the greatest needs are? Real-time information can improve your programs and projects.

Tablecloth for Philanthropy

Tablecloth ensures that resources flow to what works in communities near and far. We help philanthropy support systems-level change, compare what works (and what doesn’t), and take a long-term approach to our most pressing problems.

Connect The Ecosystem

No single entity can solve entrenched social problems. How well are we connecting, sharing information, and working towards the same end?

Understand Broader Impact

We all ask for organizations to share their impact. Do you do the same?

Share What Works

Philanthropy has a bird's-eye view and can communicate with others what is effective or not.

Increase Engagement with Grantees

Grantees are our best resources. Are you listening?

Build Capacity

Do you view your grantees as partners and use all your resources to strengthen them?

Identify Opportunities

Philanthropy should be focused on the problems of today while preventing the problems of tomorrow.

Tablecloth for Business

Tablecloth helps organizations ensure that the resources they provide to the social sector actually make a difference. We make it easy for the private sector to increase civic engagement and recognize their positive impact on communities both locally and globally.

In-kind Donations

Are you tracking every time your organization gives away product, a gift certificate, or offers up your space for a nonprofit event?

Skills-based Volunteering

Your employees have incredible professional expertise. Are they using it for good?

Employee Volunteerism

Volunteer events are great for team building. Do you organize events or allow employees time off for volunteering?

Employee Fund Matching

Some organizations match employee pre-tax donations. Do you?


Making financial contributions or donations feels good, but are they aligned with your mission and values?

Board Matching And Training

Encouraging your employees to serve on nonprofit boards can be impactful. Is this something you do?

Our Team

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Jared Aaker

Chief Executive Officer

Nelli Garton, Ph.D.

Chief Impact Officer

Kelly Abbott

Chief Technology Officer

Our team is comprised of smart, passionate, and exceptionally experienced individuals sharing the common interest of doing good. Our team ranges from social science Ph.D's, to career nonprofit leaders, to tech wizards at the cutting edge of innovation.
We are the ninjas of doing good.